Every 30 minutes a child is diagnosed with a Mitochondrial Disease. At this time, there are no known cures for Mitochondrial Diseases. Due to the devastating effects of Mitochondrial Disease on key body parts such as the brain, muscles, heart, and lungs, many of these children will not survive their teenage years; those that do only survive a few years into adulthood.

Adults diagnosed with Mito have the same symptoms as children but the onset is usually faster, more severe and a short lifespan. Many diseases of aging, such as Parkinsonís and Alzheimer, have been found to have defects of Mitochondrial function. As this is an inherited condition, it can be devastating to entire families.

The Mito Camp mission is to provide a weekend retreat for those affected by the devastating Mitochondrial Disease. Mito Camp is for children with Mito, their families as well as adults with Mito and their caretakers.

There are no fees for a camper, caretaker, children and family members to attend the Mito Camp. All funds, whether income or principal, and whether acquired by gift or contribution or otherwise, will be used to cover the necessary fees and support in sending individuals to camp. The opportunity for campers to attend will depend on the level fund raising achieved.

Mito Camp

For most of the Mito campers this is the first time possibly the only opportunity to experience those few joys of attending camp. It is also the chance for those who have never talked to other Mito patients to share and learn how others are coping with this devastating genetic disease that has no cure.

Our first Mito family/adult Camp took place during October 2010 and was held at a special purpose camp in Burton Texas, a Section 501(c)(3) exempt organization. This barrier free facility is specifically built and is operated to cater to those with disabilities. They provide services to over 8000 persons per year affected by disabilities. Activities at camp include fishing, canoeing, archery, horseback riding, challenge course, camp fires and more. This camp experience gives those children and adult campers a chance to momentary escape their hourly and daily hardships and suffering. The first Mito camp was attended by 75 children, adults, doctors, nurses and caregivers.

Our second Mito Camp took place October 28-30, 2011. The camp was attended by 100 campers and families from all over the United States.

The third Mito Camp took place November 2-4, 2012. We had 150 attending.

The fourth and final Mito Camp took place November 1-3, 2013. We had 125 attendiing.
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